While Joel Hanrahan began the 2013 season as the Red Sox closer, the Red Sox have decided to change thing sup and put Andrew Bailey in that role. 

Hanrahan, who was on the 15-day disabled list was informed by manager Jon Farrell that he wouldn't assuming the closer role upon his return, but instead be swapping positions with Andrew Bailey.

So is Hanrahan surprised by the move?

It's definitely not a surprise. There's not a whole lot of guys who get hurt, miss a couple of weeks and get thrown back in that role. Whatever happens is going to happen.

So is this going to be more Sox soap opera controversy? Not likely. Bailey said right out at spring training that he would not be competing with Hanrahan for the closer role. Bailey was comfortable as the setup man.

Sox manager John Farrell says they are focusing on making sure that Hanrahan is healthy, and will be working Hanrahan back into the mix, but slowly.

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