FAIRHAVEN — Town meeting members will be asked to vote on two articles concerning the sale of recreational marijuana on Tuesday night.

After Massachusetts voters approved the sale of pot in the state, Fairhaven placed an 18-month moratorium on the opening of any facilities.  The purpose was to develop regulations and zoning for the businesses.

On Tuesday evening, the town's 400 meeting members will be asked to vote on Article 8, which is to extend the moratorium another six months.

Tim Keogh, who is President of Bask Premium Cannabis, a medical marijuana facility located in Fairhaven, told WBSM that the extension is not needed. Keogh said if the moratorium is extended, it will be telling people "We're not interested in providing a safe place to have access to get cannabis that's lab-tested in a safe, secure place."  He added that it would be forcing people to go on social media sites and continue to purchase the illicit product. Keogh said the reason for the original moratorium has already been accomplished.

Keogh said he is in favor of the other measure, Article 9, as it keeps marijuana sales restricted to one area of Fairhaven.

Bask premium Cannabis has applied to also be a recreational marijuana dispensary. Keogh said, "We at Bask would like to proceed with our application to participate in this new regulated marketplace for adults who choose to consume cannabis."

The company's president also said that when someone comes to the facility to purchase marijuana, they have to show ID even before being buzzed into the building. He said that the customer is then led into a holding area so the ID can be thoroughly checked.

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