The movement to throw out existing, proven sources of energy in favor of "green" energy is building steam. But the reality is a tough thing to overcome.

Last month the Boston Globe wrote an interesting story about the realities of wind-based power in Falmouth. The Cape Cod town finally ended its rocky and expensive relationship with windmills. Actually, the expensive part isn't over, but the windmills are no longer turning.

The Globe, hardly a member of the vast rightwing conspiracy, warned: "the protracted resistance to the turbines offers lessons as communities throughout the region consider similarly controversial renewable energy projects." The folks in Congress, particularly the endorsers of the Democratic Socialist activists' resolution known as the "Green New Deal," should pay attention.

The town of Falmouth erected two wind turbines to save the planet from death by climate change and to generate energy. They borrowed the money to pay for this miracle cure for the planet. The turbines ruined the quality of life for people in Falmouth and even caused health issues for some real-life human beings.

After years of battling, the courts in Massachusetts curbed and then ultimately ended the spinning of the turbines. The earth continues to exist and so does Cape Cod. What also continues to exist is the expensive payments the town of Falmouth has to pay for the non-functioning, earth-saving, but life-ruining wind turbines. Falmouth's Town Manager estimates the costs at over $10 million dollars to be borne by the taxpayers.

The town is looking at ending curbside pickup of trash to pay for their failed experiment at ending global climate change.

One resident, Dave Moriarty, told the Boston Globe "the damage can never be reversed for many of us wind turbine victims. Some of my friends have serious health issues now."

According to the Globe, the "neighbors complained that the churning of the turbines and the resulting flickering light and vibrations produced dizziness, nausea, depression, or anxiety—a set of symptoms that critics call 'wind turbine syndrome.'"

The Wall Street Journalcommenting on the Falmouth situation, summed it up: "This green new deal was a bad deal all around."

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