Bad news Ravens' fans. It looks like Ray Lewis might be thrown under the PED bus, so to speak. A new report indicates that he may have used a banned subtance to get back on the field quicker.

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Getty Images

According to NBC Sports, Lewis contacted someone about obtaining deer-antler-velvet-extract. was the first to report on this, and if it's true Ray will have some explaining to do come media day.

Lewis tore his tricep muscle early during the season, and it was presumed that he would miss the entire rest of the season. Lewis bounced back, and was back on the field helping his team to the Super Bowl. The extract that Lewis wanted contains IGF-1, which on the NFL banned substance list.

There isn't really enough time to test at this point, and Lewis plans to retire after the Super Bowl on Sunday. So basically no one can do anything about this, but it will certainly make for another interesting storyline for this Sunday's game.

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