It’s been one week since Ellen DeGeneres signed off for the very last time.

Hundreds of guests stepped onto her stage during her 19-season run as a mega-successful daytime talkshow host, from Jennifer Lopez to Justin Timberlake.

Among the select few who got a chance to sit across from DeGeneres was New Bedford native Quinn Sullivan, who credits his two opportunities on the comedian's iconic show as the starting point to his budding musical career.

Featured on 'Ellen' Not Once, But Twice

In 2006, at 6 years old, Sullivan took his first plane ride to Los Angeles to wow DeGeneres and her audience with his guitar and vocal skills, crushing his own rendition of “Twist and Shout” by the Beatles.

He would return to her show in 2014, this time as a musical guest to perform a song of his own.

What the Experience Did for His Career

“I credit Ellen for being one of many things that put me on the scene, especially at such a young age,” Sullivan said. “When you’re 6, and you have that opportunity, you don’t necessarily realize how cool it is. Many years after that, I realized how amazing it was. I’m very thankful to have had that experience.”

Sullivan's time spent with DeGeneres gave people a chance to get to know him and follow his career. At the young age of 6, Sullivan knew he would pursue a life in music.

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“Even to this day, when people approach me after a show, they will say, ‘I’ve been following you since 'Ellen.’ It really was life-changing,” he said.

Quinn’s Thoughts on Ellen’s Retirement

As far as DeGeneres's retirement -- at least from daytime TV -- goes, Sullivan wasn’t surprised by her departure from talk-show television, and he has some hopes for her and her future.

“A lot of people were saying they want her to go back to stand-up comedy. ... I’d like to see her do that,” he said. “But the ball is in her court, really, and I hope she takes some time to enjoy quality time with her wife and family.”

What Quinn Has Been Up To Since 'Ellen'

Sullivan has come a long way since his unforgettable experiences with DeGeneres.

He released a new album entitled “Wide Awake” last June and keeps himself busy with touring and playing shows. He has performed with Buddy Guy and met many big names in the music business.

“It’s been really fun to see peoples’ reactions to (the album),” Sullivan said. “It’s a bit different from what I’ve done in the past. I reached out more as far as genre goes, and I’ve reached some new people.”

It won’t be long until the 23-year-old rockstar is Hollywood-bound for good, so take advantage of his local performances while they last. Catch Sullivan live at the Music Room on Cape Cod on June 18.

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