This is a no-nonsense competition. My sisters and I are going head-to-head with the male species in a pumpkin carving contest. Loser buys ice cream. The stakes are high, but we need YOUR help deciding who the champions are.

Representing the girls are: My twin sister Kayla, my younger sister Maryellen, and our friends Julie and Kara (of course I will be a key factor in our victory). For the boys: My younger brother Nicholas and my boyfriend Greg.

Each team will carve ONE pumpkin and have a picture posted in a separate blog post. To rule out any bias, neither will be identified by team, but simply "A or B." It's up to you to choose which pumpkin is better and vote! The winners earn bragging rights and enjoy an ice cream treat per the losers. We'll reveal the results during Monday morning's show, so you only have this weekend to get online.

If you didn't have jury duty this year, good for you...but you now have another obligation to your community. Vote online when you see the next blog go up!

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