So, this morning I am working away at my desk when the Trump-May presser is about to begin from London. Like a good little talk show host, I pause my work and don my earphones to give a listen.

The first question from the press dealt with snarky comments that London's Mayor Sadiq Khan had made about Trump. The president responded to the question by saying, "I don't think he should be criticizing a representative of the United States that can do so much good for the United Kingdom. He's a negative force, not a positive force."

Trump also suggested that with high crime and other problems in London, the mayor might want to concentrate on local issues rather than on him. He also batted away a similar question about Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader and a veteran left-wing activist.

Asked about an anti-Trump protest that coincided with his visit, Trump remarked that it was a rather small protest compared to the thousands of supporters who lined the streets for his motorcade waving both American and British flags. The press will have you believe that all of London turned out to protest Trump.

Ninety percent of the press conference dealt mainly with important matters such as Brexit, trade, and immigration. Shockingly, not a question about Russia collusion or impeachment. It was very positive and Trump and May were very complimentary of each other.

Much to my surprise, I got a Fox News update on my phone a short time later screeching that "Trump took swipes at London Mayor Sadiq Khan and British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn." The Fox News website blared the following headline: "Trump rips into British left-wing critics Khan, Corbyn in press conference."

Now, anyone who didn't see the press conference might think that Trump rolled out in attack mode and decided to level these individuals, and not that he was responding to questions directed at him. He even went so far as to try and direct his answers in a positive way.

In my view, this type of reporting can be considered FAKE NEWS! It's not factually incorrect—sort of. But the way it is reported leads the reader to believe that something very different occurred there. It's out of context on purpose.

The fact that Trump and May agreed that Brexit must be fully implemented ASAP and that a U.S. British trade deal is in the works is buried beneath the tantalizing headline.

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