Slowly, more and more Republicans and Independents are saying if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, they will support him. But that doesn't include the influence peddlers who've owned Washington and it's legislators!

The reason the big money wire-pullers hate Donald Trump is because he shuns them and throws it back in their faces! They're not loving him because he won't take their money, like Hillary Clinton. Trump further infuriates the cash cows by telling them, “I don’t want their money. I don’t need their money.”

But with Trump closing in on the Republican nomination, for the first time in modern political history, the media is not banging away at how "big money contributions" contaminate the process. The silence is deafening. Because Donald Trump is using his own money to fund a very expensive campaign, those who usually complain about political money corruption have gone fishing!! Trump's actions is not only exposing those now silent hypocrites, but it's also exposing the questionable sources Hillary and the Democrats are coming come up with to raise $1 billion or more that is generally needed nowadays to run a presidential campaign!

No doubt, Trump has alienated some groups that will keep some players on the sidelines. And Trump’s candidacy has now triggered some of the usual big money contributors, who want control of Washington, to stop him! But I think chances look good that the Donald will not only stiff arm these moguls but will gain more and more support from voters who initially weren't with him, me included.

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