REHOBOTH - Rehoboth Police are asking for the public's help after hazardous debris was dumped off of a bridge and into a stream in the town.

Police say a resident reported the debris at 1:18 p.m. Saturday off of a small bridge near 190 Perryville Road.

Rehoboth Police and Fire responded to the scene for possible hazardous materials contamination. The Fire Department examined the materials and determined there was little to no negative environmental impact as a result of the dumping. The debris was removed from the stream and transported to the Rehoboth Highway Department's garage for further investigation.

Preliminary investigation indicates the debris was dumped into the stream either late Friday night or early Saturday morning, and appears to have originated from an automotive repair facility. The debris consisted of several large, capped, and empty plastic containers that once contained heavy duty diesel motor oil, anti-freeze, and hydraulic fluid. There were also several large heavy duty buckets and tires.

Rehoboth Police are investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call the Rehoboth Police Department at 508-252-3722.

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