Used to be a time when President Trump would have gone to Vietnam with all of the best wishes for success from folks of all political stripes. Those were the good old days.

President Trump was literally on the other side of the world working to hammer out a deal that would make the entire globe a safer and a more prosperous place. Instead of cheering him on, Democrats were burning him in effigy in the halls of Congress.

The Micheal Cohen freak show that dragged on for hours on live cable news networks was not only a disgrace, it was an embarrassment. Chairman Elijah Cummings and his minions in the Democrat party should be ashamed of the spectacle they put on. They chose to upstage Trump's summit by parading around a convicted felon and liar in order to disparage the president's character for nothing more than political purposes.

What does it say about their own character that they would put petty politics ahead of national security? Were they looking to sabotage the summit or just to embarrass the president?

Whatever their objective, the hearing succeeded in doing one thing: it made the Democrats look pretty stupid and childish. The whole idea of the Cohen hearing was pretty silly to most reasonably minded people anyway, but if the Democrats felt a need to stage this show they could have waited until the summit was over.

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