One Plymouth police horse needed his caffeine fix before heading out on patrol recently, stopping by the drive-thru window at Marylou’s Coffee for a morning pick-me-up.

“Good morning! Tobias ordered his ice coffee with extra sugar!” the Plymouth Police Department posted to its Facebook page on Friday. “The Marylou’s employees asked him back for lunch. Tobias loves ham, cheese and mayo neighs!”

Plymouth Police Department via Facebook
Plymouth Police Department via Facebook

The Plymouth Police Mounted Unit is often seen at special events around town and patrolling its beaches. The horses are kept at the Plymouth County Farm on Obery Street, which is adjacent to the Plymouth County District Courthouse.

It’s safe to assume that the Marylou’s that Tobias was visiting is the one directly across Obery Street from the courthouse, although the post didn’t mention a specific location.

Hey, we get it, Tobias – their coffee is delicious, and that's why we're so excited that we finally got a Marylou's Coffee in Dartmouth.

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The mounted unit began in 2010, when the Boston Police Department disbanded its historic mounted unit and the Plymouth PD adopted some of its horses. Plymouth began with five horses – Chopper, Shorty, Pelli, Clancy and Camden – and eventually had eight horses in the unit. The unit is a collaboration between the Plymouth Police and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department.

However, as the years went on, a number of the horses retired from active duty. Tobias was eventually acquired from a farm in Pennsylvania, and at one point he was the only remaining horse in the mounted unit.

Plymouth Police Department via Twitter
Plymouth Police Department via Twitter

In 2019, Will and Bill joined the unit after coming to Plymouth from a farm in Vermont, and recent photos posted to Facebook suggest the mounted unit now has five horses.

No word, however, on how the other horses take their coffee.

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