What started as a routine trip to CVS turned into an unlikely friendship between one Plymouth woman and a 15-year-old aspiring artist.

A lot of people tend to walk by Michael Logan and his brother, Nicholas, while they attempt to sell their art, but Sloane Pierce Fernez saw something in them and gave them a chance.

Fernez was simply going about her day running errands, and one of those errands brought her to the CVS on Court Street.

“I pulled in (to the parking lot) and saw two boys,” said Fernez. “They were standing there holding handwritten ‘Art for Sale’ signs.”

She quickly learned that the two young boys, Michael and Nicholas Logan, were brothers. Michael, the older brother, was trying to sell his personal sketches to make some money, but the price tag was up to the generosity of the buyer.

“I asked how much and he said, 'Whatever you want to pay,'” said Fernez. “He was so polite and excited to tell me all about his stuff.”

Fernez completed her shopping, returned to the brothers, and purchased a Mickey Mouse sketch to support the young man’s dream of becoming an artist.

Fernez saw a person chasing after their dream, and knew she had to support that.

Michael shared with Fernez his passion for art and how he has been selling his work since he was 12 years old.

"I love looking at art, it’s just cool to me," Michael said. "It’s like a hug to the eyes.”

Michael managed to make $15 that day thanks to kindhearted people such as Fernez. Fernez shared her experience to Facebook, and now people are actively seeking out the Logan brothers to support them.

Fernez even got hers signed, because you never know, Michael could be the next Picasso.

A young entrepreneurial creator in the making, Michael and his brother gained a new fan at CVS that day, and the support is growing as more of the SouthCoast learns about the boy who continues to chase his dream.

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