Residents of the North End appear to have won a small victory in their fight against Parallel Products of New Bedford.

The firm wants to expand operations of its recycling business to the New Bedford Business Park. Residents living nearby expressed concerns about odors, traffic, and noise during a public meeting this week.

Parallel Vice President Tim Cusson told WBSM's Barry Richard on Thursday, based on comments from that meeting, the company is now working to eliminate all outdoor recycling and move it all indoors.

"We directed our architects to look at closing an out-door canopy area, so actually there would be nothing done at all in the exposed air," said Cusson. "Everything would be done inside a closed facility. That was one good thing that we heard at the meeting, so we directed our architects to make that change."

Cusson spent an hour Thursday on the air answering questions about the project. Those questions centered mainly around odors and truck-traffic, although one caller simply made a statement telling Cusson the company should find another site.

Cusson says his company is looking forward to working with those residents living nearby and addressing those concerns. "We don't want to build a facility and have problems day one," he said.

He added, "This is a huge investment. It's $50 million that we're looking to invest in this facility. The last thing we want to do is create a nuisance condition for any of our abutters."

Another public meeting is scheduled for May 22 at the VFW Poirier Post on Appleton Street.

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