The City of New Bedford has the final say, but organizers of the New Bedford Overflow Shelter for the Homeless tell WBSM News, they are gearing up to open sometime this weekend.

Snow and strong winds are expected Saturday into Sunday here on the Southcoast.

If and when the shelter does open, organizer Carl Alves says food is always needed.

"We are not a commercial kitchen so we rely on the generosity of folks that have helped us in the past. We also look forward to groups like Mercy Meals and More and Mobile Loaves and Fishes who help us with blankets, extra coats, those kind of things," said Alves.

Volunteers are also needed, especially early in the morning and in the early part of the evening. If you are interested, you can sign up at

The overflow shelter is located in the PAACA Headquarters on Coggeshall Street.