Coggeshall Street

Stabbing Arrest
New Bedford Police arrested an 18-year-old city man Friday in connection with the stabbing Wednesday of a 21-year-old New Bedford man.
Stabbing Investigated
An intense investigation Wednesday into a stabbing incident on Coggeshall Street.
Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro says at least one person was injured in a fight that happened around 10:40am at the 600 block of Coggeshall.
The Chief says one person is in stable condition, a second person is being sought.…
Suspicious Fires
NEW BEDFORD — A rash of arson cases across a concentrated area of New Bedford has fire and police officials very concerned.
"We have a number of fires in a fairly confined area of, I would call it the near North End, and it's very concerning to us," New Bedford Fire Chief…
Sewer Project Complete
Work has officially been completed on the $11 million Coggeshall Street Sewer Separation Project in New Bedford. The project eliminates one of the city's combined sewere overflows, meaning there will be 2.4 million fewer gallons of wastewater spilling over into the city's upper harbor ever…

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