How annoying is it when you're enjoying a cool ice cream cone on a hot day and the ice cream starts drip-drip-dripping from the bottom of the cone?! That will never happen again thanks to a trick I'll 'treat' you to in a moment! But first, Twitter decided to analyze 30 million tweets mentioning ice cream in order to determine which state is most obsessed about tweeting and the ice cream preferences of those in each state.

The data reveals folks in Nevada tweet about ice cream the most, followed by those in Alabama, Texas and Kansas.

As for flavors, Brownie was number one in Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania and Wyoming. Cookie dough was the flavor most loved in New York, South Carolina, and nearly the entire Midwest. Understand that Vanilla and Chocolate were the 'control' group, and for the record, Chocolate beat out Vanilla. In Massachusetts, Coffee flavor is king and in New England, the four most unique flavors are Black Raspberry, Frozen Pudding, Grapenut and Maple Walnut! What's the most disgusting ice cream flavor you can imagine? And, if you can only eat one ice cream flavor for the rest of your life: which do you choose?

As for how to prevent dripping ice cream, just put a marshmallow in the bottom of the cone before scooping in the ice cream. The marshmallow will absorb the ice cream from the inside and you'll have an extra sweet treat at the end!

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