With companies like Toys R Us and Best Buy filing for bankruptcy and closing stores, it time to introduce fresh herb, I mean ideas to stimulate the economy. A company out of Colorado is currently working a viable option worth consideration.

Loopr operates mobile cannabis lounges, a party bus where adults can safely ride and get high on marijuana. Loopr CEO Bryan Spatz claims his company doesn't sell weed, but makes accommodations for adults to relax and smoke. Loopr lounges even provide accessories like bongs and the impressive 4-man hookah.

Loopr has been working the Rockie Mountain high state but is craving to expand to other states that have legalized weed. Massachusetts is on their radar. It's my belief Loopr has a great idea that could be an instant hit along the Buzzards Bay corridor.

The New Bedford area has its share of party buses and tourist sites where adults can enjoy drinks on their ride. One of these bus companies can convert a few of their rides into cannabis carriages with disco lights and boom speakers. They could set up routes along tourists sites, plus regular routes for the local get high crowd.

Bottom line: if the Alcohol Beverage Commission can say yes to drinking on a bus, then the Cannabis Commission must say yes to a bone in a buggy. After all, both have paid designated drivers. Can you spell business opportunities for displaced workers?

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