So as the months in the Trump Russian collusion investigation tack on, the fingers seem to be going from pointing to Donald Trump, to pointing toward former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Strange pieces of information like GPS Fusion researcher (and CIA employed) Nellie Ohr purchasing a ham radio in May, right after GPS hired British spy and former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele. A ham radio is used by spy types to avoid detection of communications. Nellie Ohr, in case you can't keep up with all of this, is the wife of Department of Justice Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce G Ohr.

Bruce Ohr was demoted because he had working relationships and contacts in October 2016 with dossier author Steele, and GPS Fusion and hid this from Department of Justice leadership.

Lots of intrigue, right?

But a few things point to there being no chance this Trump-Russian thing is real. The one that leaps to the front is, look who is loudly accusing the president of collusion with former KGB agent Vladimir Putin's led Russia: Bernie Sanders.

Almost forgotten in the media and #Deepstate stampede to nail President Trump was the revelation that Russian "specialists" were trying to pump up the Vermont Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders calls himself a Socialist for the purpose of getting elected, because it sounds a bit more innocuous than what he really was for most of his life, a full fledged USSR-supporting Communist, and still today remains true to Communism.

Sanders attended the University of Chicago in 1964, where he joined the Young People's Socialist League, which was the youth division of the Socialist Party USA. He also organized for a Communist front, the United Packinghouse Worker's Union, which was under investigation by a House Committee on Un-American Activities. The union was led by Herb March.

Sanders graduated with a Poli-Sci degree and moved to Vermont, where he led the American People's History Society, pushing Marxist propaganda in line with Howard Zinn's efforts. Sanders produced a documentary that glorified the life of Communist revolutionary Eugene Debs, described by Bolsheviks as "America's greatest Marxist".

Those Russian comrades of ours have made greater sacrifices, have suffered more, and have shed more heroic blood than any like number of men and women anywhere on Earth. They have laid the foundation of the first real democracy that ever drew the breath of life in this world.” -- Eugene Debs describing the violent overthrow of the Russian government by the Bolsheviks at a speech in Canton, Ohio 1918, per the New York Post.

Debs was a five-time presidential candidate who reaffirmed his solidarity with Lenin and Trotsky. By the way, to this day Sanders keeps a portrait of Eugene Debs in his Senate office.

Bernie Sanders made an illegal trip behind the Soviet Union's 'Iron Curtain' to Moscow for his honeymoon! How romantic? Rally At The Capitol To #StopPompeo
Tasos Katopodis

Sanders also made multiple visits to praise the Soviet expansions in Cuba and Nicaragua. In 1985, he flew to Managua to celebrate the rise to power of the Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government. He called it a “heroic revolution.” There, he denounced American anti-Communist policies, and President Reagan's backing of the Contras in El Salvador, who would combat the Soviet expansion in central America.

Sanders had this to say about Trump and Russian collusion:

In many respects, what Mueller’s report tells us is not new to us,” Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, said. “We knew that they were trying to sow division within the American people. In my case, it was to tell Bernie supporters that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, that Hillary Clinton is crazy, that Hillary Clinton is sick — terrible, terrible ugly stuff — and to have Bernie Sanders supporters either vote for Trump or Jill Stein or not vote at all.” -- Des Moines RegisterFeb 20, 2018

Sorry folks, I'm not buying it. I strongly believe Bernie Sanders would suppress and not aid anything that supported a theory or a warning of a Russian insurgency to prop up a candidate of their choosing in the White House. It's been his life long dream!

John Bachtell. Bachtell is the National Chairman of the Communist Party USA! Are you F-rickin' KIDDING ME?! Does anyone in their right frontal lobe think John Bachtell would help to promote any effort to squash a Russian insurgency, stop an American constitutional crisis and prevent an opportunity to bring back Mother Russia to the great glory of 1977? Comrade! I mean come on! Here is Bachtell on Twitter:

Ken Pittman
John Bachtell/Twitter

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