Let us look at "President TR..." of the United States:
1. He was born in New York City;
2. In his teens he was sent away to a boarding school;
3. He graduated from a prestigious Ivy League college;
4. From his early days he was brash and outspoken;
5. He was also egotistical;
6. He was known for being extremely vain;
7. He wrote books;
8. Shooting big game animals was considered fun in his family;
9. When he decided to go into politics it was not something his family or friends thought he ought to do;
10. He decided to be a Republican — even though New York City was decidedly Democrat;
11. When he decided to run for public office the GOP Establishment was — at best — wary of him;
12. And, sure enough, that Establishment soon came to despise him;
13.They never accepted him;
14. He fancied himself as a “disrupter;”
15. He was indeed “high energy;”
16. He saw himself, as did his supporters, as “different” than the political class;
17. Although he came from a rich family and background, he talked the lingo of the Working Man and became their champion;
18. Coming from the Elite he had the credibility to take on and challenge the Elites;
19. Because he was rich, he was seen by his supporters as incorruptible;
20. The Common Man/Average Person/Forgotten Middle Class American viewed him as their “savior;”
21. Often unhappy with the Republican Establishment, he considered a third-party run for the presidency in the past;
22. He always lived in both NYC and the New York suburbs;
23. His presidency ushered in a new political era in American history;
24. The force of his personality changed American politics.

But who is this “President TR? Who are we talking about here? Is it President Trump? Or President T. R. – Teddy Roosevelt?

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John LeBoutillier

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