I recently interviewed Sheriff Tom Hodgson about his plan to crowdfund a wall at the Mexican border. I love the idea, but not everyone else does.

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson is a solid supporter of President Donald Trump and a determined opponent of illegal aliens. The Massachusetts Republican lawman has been fighting the problems of illegal aliens for 20 years and has regularly worked with federal lawmakers on the issue. Sheriff Hodgson has been fighting illegal immigration long before Donald Trump arrived at the White House.

The sheriff, along with over 300 other sheriffs, recently sent a letter to Congress demanding they build the wall on the southern border, and make additional changes to make America safe again from criminal illegal aliens. Hodgson also added the idea of crowdfunding the wall project on my talk radio program.

The comments on most social media and from listeners to the program who call in have run mostly positive—except on the site Reddit. I couldn't find a single positive comment on that social media site, although I did find many that made me laugh.

Can non-Mexicans also donate? - hackington

I'd like to start a crowdfunding campaign to pay hodgson to step down and disappear into anonymity.

What a suckup move this is. It's like the dude see's all the empty cabinet positions and is trying to get daddy donald to notice what a good worker he is. -scalliwag77

What? Trump’s followers don’t have faith in his negotiating abilities or something? Maybe you guys should send thoughts and prayers instead for Mexico to pay for it hahaha

Edit: sorry I started laughing hysterically at the thought of 6yr old me and brother gathering all of our nickels and pennies we saved up to give to our dad to buy us a puppy. Because thats exactly what this sounds like -heroiccrayfish

Because of all the Mexican and South American immigrants that are taking our jobs in Bristol County?-kickstand

Why is this jackass my county's sheriff again? -Daringineer

What is driving this particular social media site to be so one-sided politically?

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