Following an interview with the New Bedford Chapter President of the NAACP, I was asked if I am a member of this racial justice group. I'm not a member. New Bedford has nothing to do with my decision. Money is not an issue.

The NAACP celebrates 100 years in New Bedford. The past few years this chapter has been finding and rebuilding itself.

In order for me to seriously consider joining such a prestigious organization, their goals need to align, like the stars, with my freedom and business oriented agenda. The NAACP doesn't need my voice shouting from the rooftop about another case of discrimination.

Don't get me wrong. Discrimination exists. It needs to continue. It keeps a lot of people employed. Bias does not permeate only people of color and women and LBGT and etc. Your thought process is wrong if you believe bias works in such fashion. When the NAACP starts advocating for all people suffering injustice, I may jump on their wagon. That would also alter their core mission.

To the struggling and singing Kumbaya population, what will you do when all discrimination and bias crimes are eradicated, squashed, kaput? Eventually, you'll have to fend for yourself. Rather than detour at every accusation that limits progress, I choose to proceed down the street, you'll ultimately need to travel.

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