During the great recession, Beacon Hill lawmakers used their infinite wisdom to temporarily raise the state's sales tax up to 6.25%. Their excuse? Not enough of our tax dollars coming in to satisfy their growing desire to spend, spend, spend.

Now, many of the so-called experts relate the recession is now over citing an escalating stock market, unemployment is down and wages are staggering but climbing. Yet, the temporary tax increase remains a thorny reminder of the past. To add insult to injury, the lawmakers keep thumbing their collective nose at taxpayers by voting themselves a hefty raise. oh, did I mention that months after the stipend increase, our arrogant lawmakers decided the people (taxpayers) were not worthy of our summer bonus. For the second year in a row, lawmakers said no to the sales tax free holiday. The amnesty from most sales taxes during the big shopping weekend before the start of the school year.

This led to mounting frustration by the citizenry. I'd pull my hair out, if I had some. The Massachusetts Main Street Coalition did much better. They put an initiative petition together that allows voters the opportunity to vote to lower the bloated sales tax from 6.25% down to 5%. The ballot question also includes a permanent sales tax free weekend.


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