It didn't take long to realize this candidate knows what to say and how to say it. Colleen Dawicki brings unbelievable spunk to her candidacy for New Bedford School Committee. The crazy thing is she sounds polished, like a present office-holder. Indeed, Dawicki is on the Planning Board. Her resume sparkles with non-profit work and stake-holder collaborations. She sounds energetic. What's not to like?

Dawicki's background and flock worries me. By nature, education is liberal and can be very liberating. Still Colleen vows to get all kinds of organizations involved with the schools. How many times have parents found out that the organization knows better than mom and dad? New Bedford needs to get back to basics--you know-- the ABC's and 123's. Dawicki wants three year old kids in school. That throttles me. The nurture period. When kids learn best with mom and dad. Pre-K education is not liberating for three year olds pulled from mama's arms on a dark winter day to romp around glorified daycare.

Dawicki's policy aims chill me. Her presentation gravitates a following. She is a formidable school committee opponent.

Editor’s Note:   Brian Thomas is the host of Brian’s Beat on 1420 WBSM New Bedford.  He can be heard weekdays from 10am-Noon and Saturdays from 6am-9am.  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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