This is just further evidence of how disengaged and out of touch our devoted Senator Elizabeth Warren is to the region.

On Saturday, May 12, Senator Warren stormed into Fall River to express "anger" and "outrage" over the decision to close the local Philips Lighting plant. It's a move that will result in the loss of 160 jobs, some of which will go to Mexico.

The rhetoric was the same: blame the greedy corporations and the Trump Administration, and not the Democrat policies that have made doing business in Massachusetts extremely difficult. And of course, never mention the Democrat trade deals that made it easy for companies to abandon the area in the first place.

The Fall River appearance, like the one that followed in New Bedford, was for nothing more than propaganda purposes. It is, after all, an election year.

Warren's staff couldn't wait to post her Fall River rant on social media in order to show potential voters just how much she cares. Problem is, no one cared enough to get straight exactly where she was. The video identifies her location as New Bedford, not Fall River.

Elizabeth Warren/Facebook
Elizabeth Warren/Facebook

Nice try, Senator.

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