As Democrats shriek that by pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement, President Trump has somehow made it more difficult to get a deal with North Korea...Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is winging his way home with three Americans formerly held hostage in North Korea by Kim Jong Un.

Ah, the art of the deal.

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The Iran Nuclear Agreement is a bad deal for America and its allies. It gave the fanatical regime more than $100 billion dollars that have been used to fund terrorist organizations, destabilize the region and weaponize Iran. It also clears the way for Iran to develop and posses nuclear weapons over time. Weapons that Iran has threatened to use against us and others.

Trump's decision to withdraw ends a period of appeasement that was preferred by American apologists, Democrats Barack Obama and John Kerry. Appeasement does not work. It failed miserably with Hitler, Saddam Hussein and with North Korea.

Israeli PM Netanyahu Meets Obama At The White House
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Appeasement is no replacement for strong leadership. Ask anyone in Eastern Europe when FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower failed to confront Stalin after World War II.

Trump is correct, you don't trust a regime that conducts government-sponsored "death to America" rallies each week.

History will show that Trump is right to stand strong with our ally Israel in insisting that Iran not get a nuclear weapon. The Arab states in the region also agree that a nuclearized Iran would further destabilize the Middle East.

The U.S. and its allies need to strongly encourage the people of Iran to reject the fanaticism that has engulfed their nation so that they can someday be a force for peace in an historically troubled part of the world.

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