President Trump wins freedom for three Americans held hostage in North Korea, and the Democrats refer to them as "bargaining chips." As Trump prepares for an unprecedented summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the AP says he is attempting a "legacy maker."

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When you are Donald Trump, you can't seem to catch a break with some. At least not with the opposition party or its P.R. wing, the press. Your motives are always suspect, and the results are credited to luck or someone else.

Recent studies continue to indicate that media coverage of Trump is almost always negative, and we've all witnessed the "get Trump" environment that exists within the so-called mainstream media.

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The fact of the matter is that Trump was able to bring Kim to the bargaining table by being tough. He used tough tactics to get the Chinese involved in putting the squeeze on Kim, and convinced Kim that aligning with America makes much more sense that providing nuclear know-how to the Iranians.

Trump brought three Americans home from North Korea without having to buy them back like his predecessor did with Iran.

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History will judge this president and his accomplishments long after Jim Acosta and Maxine Waters are gone. At least until this point in this administration, their judgments will be kind.

I have been accused of being in lockstep with Trump and his policies. Guilty as charged. I voted for Trump because I approved of his agenda.

So far, at least, he has not disappointed and, in fact, has exceeded my expectations.

Looking forward to seeing what the next six years bring.

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