The left is waging a full-scale frontal assault on women in this country and is no longer even trying to hide it.

For years, the left has masqueraded as the party of the big umbrella while simultaneously playing blacks, Hispanics, gays, women and young voters for fools. The gig is up, and nowhere else is it more evident than with the escalation of the war on women.

The Democrats would always have you believe that it was the Republicans who are anti-woman, while all the while just the opposite was true. It's on full display now for everyone to see and no effort is being made to conceal what is happening.

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Brutal left-wing attacks on successful women such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway are beyond the pale. Ask black entrepreneurs Diamond and Silk about their place in the tent.

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And where are Black Lives Matters, the Black Legislative Caucus and Al Sharpton while these women are being savaged by the left?

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If Hillary Clinton was honest, she'd tell you that she got tossed under the bus by the good old lefty boys in 2008. But we all know that Hillary is not honest. Even she blames stupid white women for her loss in 2016.

There is a woman the left likes. Stormy Daniels. Go figure.

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More and more former residents of that big blue tent are stepping out and speaking their minds. It's not easy; just ask Kanye, who has now been labeled as an opioid addict and a lunatic for suggesting that blacks might reconsider their loyalty to their left-wing masters.

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Women and minorities are wising up and I suspect that the defection that began as a trickle will soon become a dam-rupturing flood.

Stayed tuned, this is going to be fun.

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