It's not far-fetched to suggest that most folks who are right of center distrust the national media, more affectionately known as the mainstream media these days. But, what is surprising to learn is that many to the left of center are also distrustful.

A Monmouth University poll released this week shows 77 percent of all Americans believe the mainstream media reports "fake news," including 31 percent who believes it happens on a regular basis. That compares to 63 percent who said the media reports fake news at least occasionally according to a poll conducted last year.

Not surprisingly, 89 percent of Republicans believe the media is peddling "BS," but what is striking about the poll is that 61 percent of Democrats believe it too. That's up from 43 percent last year. 66 percent of Independents said they distrusted the media in last year's poll. That number is at 82 percent this year. The people seem to have even less faith in what they are reading online through social media.

The news isn't much better for President Donald Trump. The poll suggests that though skeptical, more people find CNN and the other cable news networks to be more trustworthy with information than Trump.

What all of this indicates is that we have a serious credibility gap in this country. Not many seem to trust our elected leaders or the media folks who are paid to keep an eye on them. I suppose it's no surprise that voter turnout is so low.

All of this is a crisis for our nation. When people have no faith in the message or the messenger, evil and corruption can flourish and result in an erosion of our rights and liberties.

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