It was supposed to be the break of a lifetime.

Sydney Gordon, a Dartmouth native who runs the Folk Vintage store on Newport's famed Thames Street, was thrilled to be chosen as a contestant on The Bachelor, ABC's long-running reality dating show.

Sure, she could have been paired up with one of America's most eligible bachelors. The competition is stiff for these reality shows, but she had as good a chance as the 31 other young women vying for attention.

Win or lose, one thing she was guaranteed was a bit of national spotlight. It turns out she got that and a whole lot more than she bargained for.

Gordon was sent packing this week.

Shortly after her final episode aired, she took to Instagram.

Warning: Video NSFW.

Instead of gaining invaluable national attention for herself and her store, Gordon said she gets thousands of hurtful Instagram messages and calls each day.

"I didn't know I could feel this low in my entire life," Gordon said in her Instagram video "I was told I'd be better off dead. Every time I open up Instagram or TikTok I am constantly reminded of all the insecurities that it took me so long to overcome. To hear you're ugly and you look like a man, it almost feels like I've gone back to square one."

Contractually, Gordon is not permitted to speak about the details of the show.

"However, I can say there are certain things that I wish I did differently and things I wish I didn't say."

Sources close to Gordon said they believe the editing on The Bachelor was manipulated to show the Dartmouth native in a negative light and cause drama.  Unfortunately for Gordon, the made-for-TV drama has spilled over into her real life.

"You may hate the character that was created on the show, but the person receiving that hate is a real human being," she said.

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