Every school has at least one. If you don't know who it is, it's probably you.

I did not have the best social experience in high school, but this is not an "oh woe is me" kinda thing. This is a "stop history from repeating itself" kinda thing. It is tough being a girl sometimes, but tearing others down isn't going to make it easier for you. It costs absolutely nothing to be a decent human being. What exactly do you gain from treating other girls like crap?

It's one thing to simply discuss physical violence and gossiping. It's something else entirely to address the type of bullying I experienced. No one wants to think of exclusion as a thing. I mean, everyone wants to try to fit in, but what if you're that girl who feels out of place 24/7? You're the shy, quiet, book-worm type. You're invisible. And the only time one of the "popular kids" acknowledges your presence is to borrow a pencil or request help on the homework assignment from the night before. And he or she usually calls you by the wrong name. You try to put yourself out there, but they literally turn their backs on you when you try to take part in the conversation. Sometimes they smile at each other, knowing all too well what they are doing to you. They just don't give a damn. You are nobody. And they remind you every single day.

To that girl, I know you. I was you. But let me tell you something...it gets SO MUCH BETTER. There will come a time right before you leave for college that you will turn your back on that girl too. Because of how you were treated in the past, you will learn everyone's name. You will remember that girl you met at your RA meeting when you see her on campus the next day. You will ask her about her class and she will feel important because you did so. You will reinvent yourself and become the social butterfly you always wanted to be. You find your voice, and never let anyone silence it again.

To the mean girl who thinks she's stuck in her ways, take a second to apologize. We'll forgive you. The power of kindness will surprise you. You can move forward. You can show acceptance of others. You can develop into a wonderful young woman and treat others with respect. Just take the first step. "People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

The Kind Campaign is brilliant. I wish local schools would take time time to look into this project. Make the learning environment better for everyone.

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