You may have seen the commercial-inspired viral videos of people walking around and talking about what they do.

"I'm a college student," somebody boasts in one video. "Of course I'm doing an assignment last-minute even though I knew about it a week ago."

Well, New Bedford High School students have jumped on the trend with some great lines.

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Being a New Bedford High graduate comes with a lot of special memories that can only be made at this school. Regardless of when you graduated, there are some things we just can't forget.

Alumna Christina Rene took to social media recently to start the trend and I can't help relate to many of these and laugh a little.

This post has so many former NBHS kids walking down Memory Lane: Walking The Core, which was the center of all the houses. The house colors themselves (I'm Team Blue House but all the cool kids were in Gold). D Block. The ketchup and mayo for french fry dipping.

Those were the days.

The original post has gotten hundreds of responses and I had to add some myself.

I pulled some of my favorites for your reading pleasure although I have a feeling you probably can think of a ton of your own.

Here's one to get you started:

"I went to New Bedford High School. Of course I remember hearing, 'The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow' with the morning announcements."

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