For the love of God and everything holy, please pick up after your dog so the rest of us can enjoy our walks, runs, hikes, etc without having to step in your dog's droppings. I can't believe the indecency of some people who think that they can simply walk away from their dog's pile without a second thought.

It literally takes less than ten seconds to bend down and grab the mess before some poor innocent soul stumbles upon the crap. It's not hard to pack plastic grocery bags or the type that are specifically made for going on runs with your pooch that come in a portable little container and attach to a leash. Really - it's that easy.

And if by chance you happen to be out and forget bags, ask someone around you with a dog if they might have an extra to spare, or make a point to come back with a bag and take care of it (I've actually done this, so don't roll your eyes). Just don't be that person who walks away and has no intention of doing anything about it because it's not fair to everyone else who has to deal with your laziness and lack of respect for whatever trail you are on at the time.

Also, karma is a female dog and she is vengeful.

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