Democrats in Warren County, Ohio are used to taking a load of crap from their Republican opponents, but this is ridiculous, even in these over-the-top political times in which we find ourselves.

Seems this time the Democrats are dealing with a real big truck load of manure that was literally dumped in front of their party headquarters in downtown Lebanon. A joke is a joke, but this really stinks.

The sheriff's office tells the Washington Post a similar incident occurred in 2012, but unlike then, this time it was caught on surveillance video. No indication at this time that a Republican was responsible for the prank.

Pranks and practical jokes are nothing new to politics. And while I don't condone such childish shenanigans, I have to snicker at the symbolism of it all. It certainly gets the point across.

Given the violence and other deplorable antics that now appear to be commonplace in our public political discourse, this act almost seems innocent and refreshing, if not creative.

When it comes time for evaluating the significance of a political prank, this one may in fact pass the smell test.

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