A neologism describes relatively recent words, acronyms, terms or phrases that may be used commonly but haven't yet been formally accepted as a mainstream language.

Let me give you some examples of neologisms: Google, the search engine; 404, as in someone who's clueless; and Tebowing, when someone observes a prayerful victory.

Here are some more recent neologisms:

AOC & Co.: This is the new acronym for the moronic followers of extremist socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose Green New Deal proposes to ban the 270 million cars registered out there. It also calls for a ban on oil, natural gas, wood burning, and nuclear power. And every building in America is gutted and rebuilt with efficient materials. Oh, wait, and a ban on all air travel. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey co-introduced this insanity.

GND, or Green New Deal: The infantile six-page document that wants to abolish everything from every combustion-engine vehicle to the total destruction of "farting cows." Their words, not mine.

Sabotage: What Ed Markey says Republicans, especially that evil Mitch McConnell, is doing by forcing a vote on the Green New Deal. It isn't sabotaging. It's simply McConnell calling Ed Markey's bluff. Now that's what I call social justice.

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