You and Your Phone
Boy, do we have a love affair with our phones. I was on a webinar conference the other day when the Presenter hit me with some baffling statistics revolving around cell phone use. You may find some of this a bit hard to swallow.

Good morning sunshine
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We Typed ‘Why is New Bedford’ in Google
Just for fun, we typed 'Why is New Bedford' in Google and let the search engine finish our question for us. Only one suggestion popped up, but it was a good question! I never thought about why New Bedford was called New Beige. Maybe there was a good reason for the nickname...
Easily Protect Yourself From Star Wars Spoilers
If you weren't lucky enough to snag tickets to Thursday night's premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you may be afraid of spoilers from friends and others on social media or across the Internet. Luckily, there's a Google Chrome extension that can help protect you.
Google Cars Safer When Speeding
A report says Google's driverless cars are safer when they speed.
Google's driverless car is programmed to stay within the speed limit, but research shows that sticking to the speed limit when other cars are going much faster actually can be dangerous...
We’re Asking The Wrong People For Advice
Folks who still seek out the advice of others is dwindling in this age of Google, where we can find out about anything! Why ask for advice when we can simply type in the question and click search. But truth be told, young people today are lacking the guidance because they no longer value mentors...

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