According to Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker made the correct move by allowing the State Police to detain, for up to 48 hours, undocumented immigrants.There is a caveat. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has to make the request.

This policy doesn't reach down to municipal cops. There's more. State Police can only detainee someone that's committed a felony. A motorist couldn't be stopped for running a red light.

The former policy, under Governor Patrick, State Police couldn't ask about immigration status unless it was tied to a criminal investigation.

United States immigration law is flawed. Lawful immigrants should be allowed to enter our country and pursue their dream(s). Felonious leeches should be detained, tried, and if found guilty, kick their collective ass out of here.

The above stated, the law says if you're found to be here illegally, you should be deported. I don't like the law, but it is the law. Yet, the law is rarely, if ever enforced. Why is that? Brian's Beat asked Sheriff Hodgson about this and the new policy.


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