The Massachusetts Senate is set to elect its third president in less than two years.

Harriette Chandler, who has held the job for eight months following the resignation of Sen. Stanley Rosenberg, is expected to hand over the gavel to Sen. Karen Spilka on Thursday. Rosenberg hit the exits when his much younger gay husband was accused of influence peddling and sexually harassing other guys who were doing business with the state.

Former Senate President Stanley Rosenberg  [Photo: Antonio Caban/SHNS][/caption]I almost spit out my milk laughing when I read Chandler's adios message to her colleagues in the corrupt little house up on the hill:

"Over the past eight months, we have triumphed over those who believe their profit lies in our chaos and those who attempted to capitalize on a tragic moment for our body," she said, according to State House News Service. "To those seekers and sowers of discontent, I say to you: Before me stands a body that rose above the noise, elevated the conversation, and ignored the distractions in the name of the greater good."

Former Speaker Sal DiMasi (Getty Images)

Massachusetts government has been and continues to be as corrupt as it gets. Three of the last four Speakers of the Massachusetts House resigned in disgrace. One of them even went to jail.

Spilka - State House News Service photo

Perhaps Karen Spilka will be a breath of fresh air on Beacon Hill, but I doubt it. For as long as the same old hacks continue to occupy seats on Beacon Hill and one party continues to dominate the power structure, it is unlikely anything is going to change anytime soon.

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