A big win for felines in Massachusetts happened on Thursday when the state Senate voted 39-0 to approve Sen. Mark Montigny’s bill that looks to ban inhumane cat declawing practices.

Following statewide bans in Maryland and New York, Montigny is working hard to make sure Massachusetts is the next state to rid itself of this “barbaric practice.”

Senator Montigny’s Bill to Ban Cat Declawing

“Declawing is an abhorrent practice that most veterinarians view as inhumane, but it is also a procedure that is widely misunderstood and requested by owners,” the senator, D-New Bedford, said in a news release.

Montigny has been a longtime advocate for the humane treatment of animals, and with this piece of legislation, cats would be saved from unnecessary torture.

“By passing this legislation, veterinarians will no longer have to weigh the choice knowing that if they don’t provide the procedure, an owner is likely to just look for someone who will,” he said.

The senator said he believes Massachusetts has not done enough to keep animals safe from “heartless abusers."

If approved, the bill would prohibit declawing and tendonectomy (which limits a cat's ability to extend claws and scratch), unless for the medical need of the feline.

Declawing Is Widely Misunderstood

Declawing is not a simple process. It involves amputating the last bone of each toe on the cat.

That's equivalent to cutting off each finger at the last knuckle on humans.

The American Veterinary Medical Association lists a slew of physical side effects from the procedure, such as acute and chronic pain, sudden loss of blood, and an impaired immune response. Behavioral effects include biting and an increased likelihood of urinating or defecating outside the litter box.

Oftentimes, cat owners will declaw their pets to save their furniture without fully understanding the severity of the procedure.

If you ask me, is your couch more important than your cat’s well-being?

What’s Next for the Bill on Cat Declawing?

The legislation was unanimously approved by the Massachusetts Senate and the bill will now move to the House for further consideration.

As an owner of two cats, I can only hope this bill gets passed as quickly as possible. Declawing a cat has terrible effects, both physically and emotionally.

No couch, ottoman or carpet is worth that kind of trauma.

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