Love eating outdoors? Feel like there aren't enough restaurants in Fall River that offer it? Well, a new grant could make your next meal in the Spindle City a whole lot better.

The City of Fall River has just released new guidelines for outdoor dining and they're making things easier for restaurants to offer it.

In addition to streamlining the application process for outdoor dining permits, the city is now offering grants of up to $2,000 to help local restaurants set up with outdoor dining at their establishments.

This is amazing news for those local eateries that feel they're losing business by not having an outdoor option, but had no way to get it going. Not to mention how awesome this is for those who love eating in Fall River.

It seems the city is aware that the peak of outdoor dining season is upon us and wants to help Fall River restaurants take full advantage of this time.

The streamlined permitting process seems to break down everything a restaurant owner would need to know in one place on the city's website. This one-stop link to all the regulations and guidelines lets you know how to apply for a permit that would grant you outdoor dining until Nov. 1, 2022; who is eligible to apply; what the guidelines for outdoor dining in the city are (like noise levels, alcohol service, etc.); and even provides mock-ups of outdoor dining designs.

There's even a checklist to get from the application process all the way to the perfect patio and links to everyone you would possibly have to contact to make your outdoor dining dreams come true.

Plus, with the grant funding of up to $2,000 from the city as well, a whole lot of new outdoor dining options could be opening up soon in Fall River.


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