His high-pitched roar has caused entire cities to dissolve into sheer panic! This is an amphibious reptile that can breath underwater and when on land, has an erect standing posture, scaly skin, and indestructible torso with muscular arms.

Photos show it has ugly spikes on its back and tail and when it opens its mouth, its rank breath can turn into a fireball.

It's Godzilla, Ishiro Honda's 1954 iconic monster who is immune to conventional Army weaponry! GODZILLA, who has earned his/her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is returning to a theater near you next year, as seen in a popular trailer that's now playing at this year's 44th annual Comic-Con, in San Diego.

I want to see GODZILLA stepping on those moving trains and crushing all the fleeing people screaming in horror! Can't wait 'til May 2014!

Original 'Godzilla' Trailer