Recently, Nancy Hall introduced us to Jeremy Honig, whose TikTok account features many videos pointing out how silly Massachusetts town names are to pronounce. In fact, Nancy was a big fan of his song that he made up for town names.

Honig also has a continuing series of “Massachusetts Towns You’ve Never Heard Of,” which is up to 29 parts and includes many towns in our local area. It seems like most of his videos are done by suggestion from some of his viewers, asking him to “do Brookfield” or “do Bourne.”

In one of his most recent videos, Honig brought up New Bedford as a town you’ve never heard of, which might feel like an insult – until you hear what he had to say about the Whaling City.

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To be fair, it appears that Honig just grabs a photo of the town, a photo of the county, and one other feature of it and offers up some kind of quick comment or reaction. It’s obvious that he doesn’t put a lot of time or energy into finding out about the community and is just going for a quick laugh at whatever he can find.

In fact, the video in which he mentions New Bedford, “Massachusetts Towns You’ve Never Heard Of, Part 26” actually features cities or towns most people have probably heard of, such as Springfield and Sturbridge.

The comments of his videos are filled with people pointing out that some of these communities are pretty well-known, even if the videos are intended for people from outside of the Bay State.

He also mentions New Bedford, which he points out is in Bristol County, before offering up his opinion of the city based on a photo of a cobblestone street downtown looking down toward the harbor.

@jeremyhonig via TikTok
@jeremyhonig via TikTok

“Friggin’ gorgeous,” Honig says.

I don’t think he’ll get much argument from the people who live here on that one.

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