Three people were arrested for fentanyl trafficking Tuesday after New Bedford Police conducted two raids in the same shift, taking more than 400 grams of the drug off the streets.

On January 12, detectives assigned to the Organized Crime Intelligence Bureau and led by Det. Lavar Gilbert executed a search warrant at 161 Fillmore Street in the Presidential Heights housing development. The target of the investigation, Yamil Anthony Velzquez Acevedo, 26, and his roommate, Lucia Perez Cruz, 47, were taken into custody after police said a search of the apartment turned up 196 grams of fentanyl. Both Acevedo and Cruz were charged with trafficking in fentanyl in excess of 100 grams and conspiracy.

According to police, Acevedo has three open cases in Bristol Superior Court and was last arrested in January of 2021 for trafficking in excess of 36 grams of fentanyl, in addition to other narcotics-related charges. He was on home confinement and GPS monitoring at the time of Tuesday’s arrest.

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Later that day, narcotics detectives led by Det. Timothy Soares executed a search warrant at 41 Campbell Street targeting Rory Barrows, 22. Police said a search of the residence turned up 229 grams of fentanyl along with cutting agent and packing materials, and that Barrows was also found to be in possession of crack cocaine. Police also seized $1,070 in cash.

According to police, Barrows is currently on probation out of Bristol Superior Court. He has two open cases in New Bedford District Court and two open cases in Wareham District Court. He is now charged with trafficking in excess of 200 grams of fentanyl and possessing crack cocaine with intent to distribute.

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