BROCKTON — Several people in Brockton were victims of paintball gun shootings on July 9th. According to police, one of the victims was a 12-year-old boy who was shot in the eye.

Those shootings came from men in what police were told was an Acura TL sedan. After checking surveillance videos, police traced the license plate to Victor DosSantos, 19, of Austin Street, New Bedford. DosSantos was arrested Thursday morning in New Bedford.

According to the The Enterprise, when detectives from Brockton and New Bedford drove by DosSantos' address on July 11th, they spotted that car. When he left his home, police in an unmarked cruiser asked to interview DosSantos.

After being told of the surveillance footage, DosSantos reportedly admitted that he and his car were involved in the paintball shootings. The story also says that DosSantos allowed detectives to search his car and phone, where evidence was found. It also states that Victor DosSantos gave police the identity of another man in his car on the day of the shooting.

Dos Santos was arrested on Thursday on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a child under 14 years old, and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

He was arraigned in Brockton District Court, and plead not guilty. There was no bail requested by the Plymouth County district attorney's office, and DosSantos was released. He is due back in court in September.

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