Jack Spillane has been covering news in New Bedford for many years. He was a longtime reporter and columnist for the Standard Times before switching over to New Bedford Light, an online news service that began publishing last year.

Jack makes periodic appearances on Townsquare Sunday, giving his take on local stories. His thoughts are interesting, sometimes controversial, and always relevant to New Bedford and its residents.

Jack and I both agree that Southcoast Health made the right call when its trustees decided not to reinstate Keith Hovan as President of the healthcare organization. Hovan had been charged with domestic violence last year following an incident at his Rochester home, but the charge was later dropped when the victim declined to testify. Still pending, however, is a charge of possession of illegal ammunition.

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Both Jack and I were both surprised when Mayor Jon Mitchell announced he would not run for either Massachusetts Attorney General or governor, but we discussed whether he'd accept an appointment in a new administration should AG Maura Healey be successful in her campaign for governor.

Jack also weighed in on the appointment of freshman city councilor Shane Burgo as chairman of a special council committee on housing. Burgo was adamant about the need to tackle housing issues in New Bedford, especially the need for more affordable housing, during his campaign.

Local news, local politics, it's all here with Jack Spillane of New Bedford Light.

Townsquare Sunday is an hour-long public affairs program heard every Sunday on 1420 WBSM. The program highlights individuals and organizations working to make the SouthCoast a better place to live and work.

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