The Superintendent of New Bedford Public Schools, Thomas Anderson, made another appearance on Townsquare Sunday this week, offering more information about some key issues facing the district.

Anderson spoke extensively about how the district plans to spend millions of dollars received from the federal government in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of that money, he said, will be used to address the needs of students in the classroom. Building needs will also be tackled.

He added New Bedford is now working with state officials in planning for a new school in the city's South End. Anderson also explained his decision to keep School Resource Officers on the job, stating that there has been very little negative reaction to that decision.

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Anderson also offered an explanation about the controversy over the number of arrests in New Bedford Schools over the last three years, adding there have been no arrests in city schools this year.

Anderson said he was looking forward to working with two new members of the New Bedford School Committee who will be joining the school board in January, and while parents in some area school districts are protesting mask mandates for their children, Anderson said in New Bedford, students seem to be tolerating mask-wearing pretty well.

Superintendent Anderson's Townsquare Sunday interview can be heard here:

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