Reports that the City of New Bedford no longer provides citizens with sand for snowstorms are exaggerated, but only slightly. There is sand available if you can get to it.

The Department of Public Infrastructure cut back on the amount of sand dispersed citywide during the winter months several years ago. At one time, sand was available in 100 locations throughout the city, but now there are three. The City of New Bedford's "Winter Storm Guide" on the official website still lists all 100 locations. It needs to be updated.

The current locations where sand is available to residents are as follows:

There is a pile of sand in the parking lot behind the Senior Center at Brooklawn Park.

There is also a pile of sand at the corner of Liberty and Smith Streets.

There is a mound of sand in the parking lot at 773 South First Street across from the Dennison Memorial Community Center.

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Mayor Jon Mitchell said he cut back on the amount of sand available because fewer residents were using it, opting instead to purchase Snow Melt and other popular de-icers. Mitchell said some people used the 50-gallon drums intended for sand as trash receptacles and that contractors would take the sand for their use.

He also said distributing the sand to all 100 locations took two days and was not the best use of resources.

So there is sand available for residents to use during snowstorms, though it may require a bit of traveling to get to it. It might make sense to get a bucket or two of sand, just to have on hand for future storms.

Oh, and when getting sand, don't forget to bring a shovel.

Remember, when there is snow there is often a parking ban and rules for cleaning up after the storm. Parking ban instructions and a guide to available parking when a parking ban is imposed are included in the Winter Storm Guide.

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