Anyone who has followed the career of New Bedford's Samantha Johnson knows that, even as she has pursued a career as a professional singer, she has always been a huge fan of World Wrestling Entertainment.

For years, Johnson has put New Bedford and herself on the map, competing on America's Got Talent and recently appearing as "The Flautist" on I Can See Your Voice. Along the way, she'd often tweet about WWE or wear t-shirts in her Instagram stories of some of her favorite WWE Superstars.

Now, Johnson's dream has come true as she combines her professional career with her love of sports entertainment as the WWE's newest ring announcer. You can already see her announcing on the program 205 Live on Peacock.

Johnson will be known in WWE as "Samantha Irvin" because, well, everyone gets a new name in WWE.

Johnson took to her social media over the weekend and posted the following announcement:

"When I was young I would watch every single episode of WWE content, and record the matches in a notebook, writing my own commentary and descriptions of the action.
I would try to turn every school project or report into something Wrestling related. I had many teachers over the years who were not amused by this.
Happy to relay that it was not a waste of time. I now work for the WWE as part of the announce team.
Now it is my job to do all of the things I absolutely loved spending my time doing.
I couldn’t possibly put into words what this means to me... but if you’re on my fb seeing this, I’m sure you already have an idea!
And don’t worry! I’ll be making good use of my voice, lending it as the ring announcer for “205 Live.” Check out the latest episode on Peacock to hear my first show!" — Samantha Johnson
Shortly after sharing her success, her rise to fame increased ten-fold when none other than wrestling legend Paul "Triple H" Levesque, who is now the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE, retweeted the company's announcement about Johnson:

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