New Bedford Election Commissioner Manny DeBrito is serious about making it easy for people to vote. He only wishes people in the city would show the same seriousness when it comes to showing up at the polls.

Sadly, his prediction for voter turnout in New Bedford for Tuesday's primary election is less than 20 percent.

DeBrito stopped by Townsquare Sunday this week to reflect on the upcoming primary election and the issues with poor voter turnout in New Bedford.

With recent changes in voting procedures like early voting and voting by mail, DeBrito said there is really no excuse for people not to vote.

"People are beaten over the head with national politics, and they lose focus on what really matters, and that is local elections," he said. "I hope people will block out the 'white noise' and come out and vote."

When voters go to the polls on Tuesday, they will help decide several important races; the Bristol County District Attorney's race will be decided on Tuesday, as there is no Republican challenger on the ballot in November.

Three candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination for Bristol County Sheriff. The winner will face Republican incumbent Thomas Hodgson in November.

There are also a number of statewide races of interest, and two local state representatives are being challenged as well.

This is not a sleepy primary election. Your vote on Tuesday will mean something.

The complete interview with New Bedford Election Commissioner Manny DeBrito can be heard here:

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