NEW BEDFORD - New information from the New Bedford Police Department reveals the high rate of police response to the 7-Eleven convenience store and gas station at 1499 Acushnet Avenue.

A public information request filed by WBSM News reveals that between November 6, 2012 and November 6, 2017, New Bedford Police were called to the north end store a total of 803 times. Of those 803 responses, there were a total of 27 robberies. Eleven of the robberies were armed while 16 were unarmed robberies.

Several employees at the 7-Eleven store have reported to WBSM News that the store will be permanently closing on November 27, 2017. One employee says the reason for the impending closure is that "people keep on stealing."

During his weekly segment on WBSM's Mid-Week with Mayor Mitchell with host Barry Richard, Mayor Jon Mitchell noted that store has had a number of robberies and other crime issues, including being fined for trash on the ground and open dumpsters. However, the mayor says even if there has been problems, he doesn't want to see any business leave the city, but he doesn't expect the spot to stay empty long.

"It's a busy corner. I think you'll see something else go in its place. That's a commercial corridor that has a lot of foot traffic, and it's a desirable corner for any retailer, including 7-Eleven," he said. "Why 7-Eleven is closing, I have no idea."

Several requests for comment by WBSM News to 7-Eleven's corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, have not been returned.

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