NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) — New Bedford Police have arrested a man they say is responsible for a series of vandalism incidents in the city from a suspect using the moniker “DEX.”

Police said that early this morning, Officer Krista-Jean Forand responded to the Ash Street Jail in response to several personal vehicles and official vehicles found to have been spray painted.

“In recent days, there have been numerous reports of similar vandalism on different houses, vehicles and street signs,” police said. “In many of these instances, ‘DEX’ was a commonality.”

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The investigation led police to identify Isaiah Malike Poindexter, 22, of New Bedford as the alleged tagger “DEX.” They said Officer Forand located him in front of his residence and arrested him, at which time he was said to have white paint stains on his hands that matched the color of the spray paint on the vehicles at the jail.

According to police, Detective Roberto Dacunha has been investigating the past incidents of “DEX” vandalism and additional charges against Poindexter are likely.

“These instances of vandalism are an outrageous nuisance to the many property owners who have had their homes and vehicles senselessly defaced. The suspect used the cover of darkness to make his way through the west end and wreak havoc,” Police Chief Paul Oliveira said.

“I’m grateful for the work of the patrol officers in identifying and taking him into custody, and for the detectives who are investigating previous occurrences to ensure that he is held accountable for each of them,” he said.

Poindexter had been arrested along with another man in December 2020 in connection with a series of break-ins in the area of Buttonwood Park that included the theft of more than $1,500, numerous electronics and wrapped holiday presents, along with damaged property at the Buttonwood Park Zoo, Down to Earth and at the Buttonwood Senior Center.

He was charged with numerous counts of larceny, several counts of break and entry, multiple counts of property-related offenses, destruction of property and vandalism as a result of the overnight breaks.

Anyone with additional information concerning the recent “DEX” vandalism is asked to contact either Det. Dacunha or Det. Sgt. James Estrella at (508) 991-6300 ext. 79519.

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